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Description: An online Matchmaking service.
Membership: Free Trial
Special Features:
· Relationship Test   · Relationship Fit Rating
· Voice Greetings   · Instant Messaging
· SmartFit Searching · Fit Optimizer

Yahoo Personals have a new "Premier" service which is based on matching people who are only interested in long-term relationships. You start by taking their Relationship Test which helps you understand more about yourself, what you're looking for in a mate, who you would be interested in, and why. This service leaves some of the matching up to you, as you search through other members' profiles. They have a SmartFit matchmaker system that incorporates your Relationship Test and other variables to produce your Relationship Fit Rating that helps you determine who you might be a good match with.

This new system has reportedly been very successful for Yahoo and their members. Yahoo's attempt at a service like eHarmony seems to be a success. This site warrants a look at their free trial.

Rates for Membership
1 month - $34.95
3 months - $79.95
12 months for $199.95

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